Solo Explorer

R 95.00

A single serving of pre-ground coffee in a bio-degradable brewer


Each Solo Explorer bag is individually hand-filled with our signature Wings blend within 30 seconds from grinding to ensure optimum freshness.


Best suited for:

  • Airline travel
  • Hiking/Camping
  • Guesthouses/Hotels
  • Wedding gifts for guests

How to Brew

  1. Remove the filter bag from the foil sachet
  2. Tear along the perforated seal
  3. Deploy the WINGS, and hang over your cup
  4. Wet the grounds slightly and wait 30seconds for the coffee to activate (bloom)
  5. Slowly keep topping up directly on to the grounds until desired strength (200ml total is recommended)


Wings Coffee Solo Explorer:  Now you’re the barista, anywhere, anytime!

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